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Support can happen in a number of ways.


VOLUNTEER: Spend a cheap vacation with us during the harvesting season and share in the spoils of olive, carob, and almond production, along with enjoying the beautiful Catalonian countryside. Likewise working holidays (between October and May) at various other times in the season include permaculture activities like eco-build, charcoal and food production, walking, swimming and running facilities, and spiritual development. Short working (3-4 hours per day) stays of no more than 2 days are allowed without notice for travellers passing through. Longer stays require registration and payment before arrival £15/18€. Use of the caravan for cooking is charged at £5/6€ per day. General camping without working is also charged at £5/6€ per day. Friendly dogs only.


LAND TRUST: Help set up a land trust and further our food production with the development of an eco-farm and international volunteer exchange system.



South London Permaculture is always looking for partners who will help expand our projects. Persons with experience in matters of project development, and being able to introduce new ideas and skills, for instance energy production, water purification systems, alternative food development, information technology, animal husbandry, research etc. are always welcome and should spend some time here in Catalonia. Regarding activities in London links will be made available and there are already a host of opportunities for persons to get involved with that too. Hence the circumstances look greatly more attractive as the alternative climate in winter in the Mediterranean opens doors to another culture.


DONATION: All financial contributions will go towards a not-for-profit management system for the advancement of a spiritual and ecological centre centred around Catalonia. Further international links will also benefit from your funds in setting up cross-cultural exchanges including human, ecological and biological resources.