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The other land potentially for sale towards a land trust.

One hectare of olive and carob for sale as a potential land trust and volunteer centre

This land has lied abandoned for over 15 years. It is located about 3.5 km from el Perelló, one of the oldest towns in the whole of Spain. In typically Mediterranean climate it lies within a microclimate of very hot summers and little rain. Its aspect though is on a hill, the bottom end of which has deeper soil and potential for growing sheltered crops. The adjacent abandoned plot has a cistern where once this land was farmed for grapes and used to be part of a larger estate. It sits in a valley and access to it is difficult with any large vehicle. At most a 3.5t truck could make the way down and back up again along its winding entrance. The potential is to buy adjacent abandoned plots and furnish the existing house on site. There are legal stipulations and a thorough investigation is necessary.

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