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Building the compost toilet

I had to remove quite a lot of rock from this area which I used elsewhere whilst maintaining my efficiency levels towards recycling. It's quite a large space that ultimately will serve to produce all the compost that the farm needs. The humanure and toilet, for fear of rats, uses a wheelie bin to collect it fresh. With a solar panel array planned for the food arc nearby it should be a cosy little spot where you can take a cold shower. For now, as more timber makes itself available, I will weave a cane structure over the top. There will be two woven doors either side the front point of the isosceles triangle and a back entrance via the wall. The wood is treated with spent oil and a little diesel and the central crown will include a central pole to form possibly the shape of a blunted pyramid. The inspiration came to me to secure in a stained-glass window I had made 20 years ago depicting Dantes "The Finca". In the future I intend implementing the idea of a hot tub receiving water from the biochar-making process via the installation of pipes.

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