Camping and camp cooking

This has been a real throwback for me as I recall the days of my boy scout youth. Every morning now,

I probably cook on fire or biochar. It is a skill, to get the timing right, not to waste flame, to boil up enough water for the day now that I store it in a flask. I probably smell a bit of the smoke, but neither I or the volunteers really mind. We swim often enough to clean ourselves. I suppose that is the type of volunteer I seek, with a bit of adventure. I have had cooking at once marmalade, bees wax, and a meal on the go using very easily-made biochar. I can walk away and return to find that everything has not burned. The site of the cooking area has moved to the leaward side of the proposed outdoor kitchen site where the beginnings of a cob oven are in the making. As I sit there and blow the flames it seems to generate new ideas for its construction. I have an extra caravan with a wood burner installed too which is available a lot of the time, for paying-punters or passers-by. Occasionally we hit the mountains or the Delta as a treat for those who come for a bit of a holiday. The diet is slowly changing to green and raw, and the best time is in the first five months of the year. But I intend to hunt for rabbit one day using a bow, and grow some form of carbohydrate staple when the water cistern is in place. At the moment the walls and door openings are being constructed with recycled tyres in the Earthship style with an intended post and beam shelter over the top.