Camping and camp cooking

This has been a real throwback for me as I recall the days of my boy scout youth. Every morning now,

I probably cook on fire or biochar. It is a skill, to get the timing right, not to waste flame, to boil up enough water for the day now that I store it in a flask. I probably smell a bit of the smoke, but neither I or the volunteers really mind. We swim often enough to clean ourselves. I suppose that is the type of volunteer I seek, with a bit of adventure. Of recent I had marmalade, bees wax, and a meal on the go using very easily-made biochar. I can walk away and return to find that everything has not burned. The site of the campfire is right in the middle of the proposed new house and as I sit there and blow the flames it seems to generate new ideas for its construction. I have a 4-man tent which is available a lot of the time, for pa