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Fruit and nut tree planting in progress

I like to think that every volunteer deserves a tree. Note some of the techniques used including stone mulches and sponge holes. I plant with a view to creating shade for more species in the future. I tend to find that apricots are the most successful whilst kakis are difficult to establish. Figs are best planted from pots whilst in terms of grafting I have had success with plums on naturally-reproducing almonds. Note here also the planting of the kiwi recently, a male and a female. Likewise nuts are a vital part of the landscape and I have recently planted walnut and sweet chestnut with a view to pistachios. The video of the Japanese loquat explains something of our pollination requirements. I intend to take full advantage of an ongoing irrigation system throughout the year. Whilst the cistern is being constructed the reality though, is very different. A missed watering schedule just for one week will kill or severely cause die-back, and thus the system in summer depends on my presence until I get the huge water cistern built. Added to this is an occasional drought which is really setting in, some years not seeing rain for much of 8 months, and then it is extreme. I have decided to inter small plants and not the huge specimens you buy at the garden center that would require excessive amounts of water to get them established. When I do buy them I now cut them back and use the material for propagation with some success.

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