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The bee hives

Hopefully this is the beginning of becoming more sustainable. I have had some experience and success in my attempts to increase bee populations. There is a great centre of apiculture in el Perello and I hope to draw on their expertise. Some of these hives are British made Nationals and not the type you find here which are cheaper and easier to maintain. But sheltered right next to the wall will deter the heavy winds (with gusts up to 150km per hour) from blowing them over. Anyone with a desire to learn is welcome to spend some time here; I have spare suits Unfortunately you can also see that wax moth can really decimate the bee colonies. Since then I have had an investor purchase 4 new hives for me, the Dadant type, and in fact, on the day I took him to the airport I returned to find 2 swarms had moved into empty Layens. On conducting an artificial swarm I continue to increase my populations, but I suppose the real blessing came when I hive natural swarms, learning very quickly how to capture them from the trees. This was so fascinating for me as I spend hours observing their behaviour, but not without the odd sting. What you see here then is a gradual evolution of my practice.

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