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Taking in the olives

Olive, in particular olive oil has been the mainstay of Mediterranean culture for thousand of years. A green smoother oil is what most families keep for themselves. The golden oil extracted from a ripened black olive maybe doesn't have so much punch. Much of the taste depends on the combination of olives, here we have Sevillenca, Morrut, Farga, and Arbequina, and the time it takes to go from the nets to the press. The last crop tends to be off the ground where olives may have sustained a long period of up to 4 weeks depending on the weather. Considered an inferior oil it is nevertheless worthwhile picking them up with a roller, boosting crops by at least a third and selling it to the buyers. If the olive fly strikes, and much of the crop succumbs to it, then only pressing for oil is worthwhile. The choice to the farmer is to sell the olives or pay and press for oil. It is only marginally more profiting in the latter case. These activities start around September and can continue into January/February, depending on the winds. See our brother website for market.

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