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Adrian and Naomie were just smashing people who I would always welcome back. They worked hard and enjoyed life.Travelling from France to Argentina I vowed to go there. Occasionally my neighbors come by and give a hand too. In the future I hope that maybe 2 or 3 of them will come and live with me in the establishment of an ecofarm. I expect that any volunteers will contribute to the collection of crops which at times can be hard work. The more people the merrier. A perfect winter vocation. Theresa Webb, BA. Dip. NT, a qualified Nutritional Therapist (CNM London) arrived during torrential rain but she bared the cold to come out and join me. She can be found at When she arrived we went straight into a yoga session. Later we took a tour of the cooperatives where she saw the olive pressing in action. She recommended some measures regarding our food habits and the consumption of local products. In particular she works with cancer patients where they drink olive leaf tea. She proposed I expanded my market to include such, and I think I will. In the first picture she is standing next to Arbutus uneedo, the strawberry tree, one of many wild fruits that grow here. When volunteers come to work I try to make the experience as full as possible. That means taking them to the mountains and the sea, and accommodating their dogs. In the final pictures I was certainly blessed when I came across Irma and Josep in L'Ametlla de Mar. In fact I was busking. Travelers who tag the logo "la prisa mata" which translated means 'haste kills' they turned up bare-footed with two dogs and two trailers. Their destination was somewhere in the south and I promised to do all I can for them in the future. But they reminded me straight away of Naomie and Adrian. A beautiful couple who work hard and alone, with full use of the caravan. They are here helping to finish the volunteers kitchen in cana and picking the carobs.

Of recent came my London friends. For the first time I got them using the membership process. This entails that members can utilize a 'Member's Page' on this website. Not all members will volunteer, and vice versa, but the word of mouth that goes with attracting new members is probably the way forward. These last 3 were a mixed bag. Sometimes talkative, other times reflective. Very able and also innovative, these are the sort of volunteers I seek who can use initiative.

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