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The meditation space

2013-08-20 10.16.04.jpg
2013-08-20 10.15.46.jpg
Teepee making2.JPG
Cleo and yurt.JPG
Volunteers (35).JPG
Pet graveyard1.jpg

This is an interesting space. It started off as the preferred place for my house project, but then I was told it was too near the neighbour's boundary. I then had a vision of it being a summerhouse of sorts, even a winter one made of glass. As I piled the cut grass and leaf mulch into it things started growing of their own. I realised it could become an animal home, but that my yurt fitted really well into this space. The day after I put it up it blew down in the heavy winds and so the yurt was resigned to storage. Since then it became a pet cemetery with many animals interred beneath. I have since erected a makeshift tepee using the roof canvas of the yurt, but know this is only temporary. The area is a quiet corner of the land and allows reflection. My next idea is to make this into a meditation space with the help of volunteers. I still have the old yurt and am experimenting with ideas to partially reconstruct it. It could also be a green woodworking area since I consider such solo activities as meditative in their own right.

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