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Taking in the carobs

The virtues of carob can be found at my other English website since I am looking for a market in London to sell them along with my olive oil. So far I have had mixed success but things look hopeful among raw foodists. Carobs are the last crop to collect since they are easy to gather from beneath the trees. Curled and twisted the long straight ones are called Vale​nciana. It is a fantastic source of carbohydrate and will feed any livestock I might harbour in the future here. At the moment because funds are short we are selling them at a poultry price, but can boost our crops from the amount of wild trees all over the region. Like the strawberry tree and the fig they bear last year's crop and this year's flower at the same time, giving a sweet scent. It is also the pseudonym of my book title, hence I talk about its prevalent qualities that stretch back far in time.

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