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The Ark as a center of operations and learning

A succession of photos showing the development of the structure and its surroundings from its humble beginnings (in no particular order). The cane is cut from the dry river beds and the agave flower spikes from neighbouring farms. During my first summer here I realized that I needed more shade, and that is the next stage, the plan being to use solar panels along the ridge and providing the electric for all operations. Maybe temporary nets will suffice in summer only, or as the case is, when the grapes, kiwi and the figs come on this should provide ample green cover, as will the citrus fruit now planted up towards the lea side. With pallet wood available the façade is boarded up in representation of what an early church probably looked like. The current situation has been a real learning curve in the use of power to pump the water around, as well as the availability of water. I have some ingenious ideas up my sleeve.

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