The image shows a Palestinian (Eastern) peasant woman (left) picking olives. She would be characteristic of many women in that part of the Mediterranean. The super-imposed cyclist represents myself as a continnuation of the olive tree and extended out from it. My body reflects the shape of the branches. The image of both male and female is here prophetically unified in time and space, one a projected statement the other an existential one, representing the West and the East, motion and stillness, acceleration and deceleration, giving and taking, technologic and manual. Another interesting aspect of the image is the hugging or nurturing aspect of our figures. Note also how our hands and arms meet, especially in those areas of the body considered most sensitive. To me she also represents the Virgin who gives herself freely to nature, that in turns gives back the truer understanding of the male aspect; both are passive, yet both are active too. Only established tradition can bind these two in perfect harmony.

The back of these T-shirts (right) highlight some of the support I have received from various groups. All profits go to permaculture and ecological projects overseas.

T-shirts Palestinian Bike Ride (front and back)