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JOURNAL: Destination God

  • The new journal with extensive writings concerning mainly two finished journeys, the first epic ride to the Middle-east on a bicycle and the more recent trial across the Sahara to The Gambia. Also included are serialised chapters of the second volume of the sequel to the "The Carob Pod" entitled "Petriarchy: The Law of the Land", and the more recent 3rd volume "The Golden Mean: Building Revolutions" still being written and broken down into several sections. The journal is released thrice yearly. There is also additional material and an invitation for other authors to contribute on the subject matter of spirituality, anthropology, and permaculture. These publications are professionally produced and of excellent PDF format. There is no lack of wonderful photos from my experiences on the Continent. See the blogsite for a broken-down narration of the journeys with hundreds of additional photos.

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