Known since time immemorial by its epithets of Locust bean and St. John’s bread. Relegated to cattle fodder in this time of economic crisis one may again look to its digestible properties as relevant food in a recession. High in carbohydrates (73%) it is essential survival food and will produce even in the scarcest of years. It is used in cosmetics and glues for it bonding properties but likewise has many other nutritional benefits. These include lowering of the cholesterol level in blood, acting as an antioxidant, contains an active substance effective against asthma, is a good expectorant for smokers, caffeine free, helpful in preventing lung cancer, contains vitamins E and is used for the treatment of cough, flu, anaemia and osteoclasis, its tannins have Gallic acid which is anti allergic and antibacterial as well being an antiviral and antiseptic, it is used for the treatment of polio and diarrhoea in children, and finally being rich in phosphor and calcium it is used to fight osteoporosis.
Carob pods are incredibly filling. I chew around the edges because the seed is very hard. They are a natural chocolate substitute and sugar substitute if ground to a powder. I grate them to a rough breadcrumb texture and mix it in with flour for baking. If anybody has any good recipes or ideas please post them to me and I will ensure a free bag of pods next time I am around. I will also give you free advertising.

´Bum´ Carob Pods 1kg

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