This book progresses well. From its inception of the natural appreciation I had of life in a Catalonian landscape it extended beyond cultural history and in to the realms of metaphysics and science. I took the Catalonian model and emptied it of its baggage, analysing the modern secular thinking behind its Western economics and seeing the impending financial and energy crisis affect the lifestyle of its people. All this was juxtaposed with my lifestyle in a caravan cultivating olives and carobs with a practice that extends back thousands of years but which is now under threat. Hence I looked at the natural dynamics of social structures with both the individual ́s relation to ecology and also the communal management of resources. I am hotly influenced by the immediate going-ons of my vicinity, including the nearby quarries and the barking and shooting sounds of the hunters and their dogs in the nearby wilderness zones. Likewise I look at the psychology of my familial upbringing and see the encroaching neurosis of their existence, the spirals of destruction that define their fragmented,inefficient behaviour, the wastefulness of resources, the high-energy required to maintain huge amounts of pets, the lack of basic resources including water and electricity, the loss of neighbourly proximity and subsequent depravation of community. Within this context I throw up the question of tourism and what d