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Africa to the Middle East



This journey is a little further into the unknown future. Whilst I strive to complete some major irrigation works on the farm, eventually I will endeavor to complete the circuits of Spain and the Mediterranean basin by joining up my (8) previous journeys from a bike and hammock.

As usual, a blog of my experiences and creative works will be made, and as with other journeys, a publication.

International Volunteer Exchange System

Click the link to download a copy of the letter

Opportunities to volunteer
Come to Catalonia

"Next available date: APRIL to JUNE 2023"


Volunteer opportunities for one or two members to help work the land (3 to 4 hours per day) in a beautiful part of Spain. Applicants are invited to fitness and sight-seeing. Access to the sea and neighbouring towns, and a shared caravan. Self-catering but many benefits include trips to regional mountainous and valley beauty spots, as well as direct rail services to Valencia, Tarragona and Barcelona. Cycling is also a must in this country. The project is the beginnings of an eco-settlement illustrated in my books. The first phase building the large cistern has already progressed. Other learning experiences include dry-stone walling, eco-build, bio-char making, walking and mountaineering, olive and carob cultivation, and fruit and vegetable production. The main period of farming is between September and May. Only companions are sort and must be of a spiritual disposition. Additional paid-camping and caravan use is available too for a separate holiday experience. See our brother website to locate a printable booking form at 

Christchurch to the Orkney Isles 2022


Destino Balticó

Superb short-sleeve high-quality sports t-shirts showing the bike route of both the hare and the tortoise from Catalonia all the way to the north of Poland. Notice the original image only shows one route. Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to divert through the Alps, hence I have manually added with a marker pen the additional cities I went through. My sponsor is shown on the front and the back is the modified image I use for all my journeys.

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