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In the future this will be a database for international networking showing opportunities to travel and work abroad. It will include farms, botanical institutes, and social groups and maybe some inner-city enterprises that specifically deal with sustainable land and lifestyle management. It will be catered by a registration system.


COME TO CATALONIA and learn to work the olive groves. Likewise help expand these new beginnings by participating in eco-build, vegetable growing, and project management. Opportunities are mainly seasonal and offered to singles and couples. Separate use of caravan space is available as well as camping. Cost £5/6€ per day. Self-catering. Maximum stay 10 days.

For volunteering CAMPING opportunities @ 3-4 hours work per day the use of space is free. Longer stays are subject to discretion with opportunities to volunteer at other linked eco-projects.

Direct rail access towards Barcelona and Valencia. Please register your membership to visit. £12/15€


Regular long-distance travel into foreign lands are the fascination of the editor. If there are any potential companions out there who would like to make pilgrimages of sorts on either boat, horseback, cycle, or foot then please get in contact. These include, in the not-so-far future, the 2nd leg of my Mediterranean cycle-ride through Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, and Egypt barring political barriers (not available). Likewise in the very distant future a transcontinental crossing through Canada.

Mainly products sold by South London Permaculture including "Bum Bum" olive oil, honey and carob pods. Other merchandise include plants, textiles, and literature. The expansion of the market is one of our priorities. See SLP´s website Market page for a full listing of products including services. (Under continual development)


Having worked and taught on a number of urban projects including community enhancement, woodland management and ecobuild, food production including fruit and vegetable cultivation, landscaping, project coordination and facilitation, design and implementation, I am available for overseas work and especially seek short-term residencies at ecovillages. Climatic influences  include Mediterranean, subtropical, and temperate.


WE have another hectare of land within a valley setting. At the moment the adjacent copse of pine is migrating upon the fields of olive and carob, formerly grapes. The opportunity is to buy up more surrounding area of land  that has been abandoned and to create something of a land trust. The landscape is dry but the sheltered conditions will allow for citrus and other exotic fruits to grow.


Merlyn Peter is also looking for a long-term partner who has practical abilities and know-how to be able to implement this vision to create a spiritual and ecological centre for learning. This person must have the initiative to develop all aspects of the project.


Business outlets are also requred to considerably expand the market potential. All products must be produced under sustainable land management policies and need not carry any official certification. Descriptions of the processes and the origins used in production of the wares must be included in the label along with all ingredients and constituents.


With a growing stream of personal and academic literature the subject material covers permaculture design and practice, travel, poetry and song, politics, and spirituality. Other contributions will be considered for publication and should be submitted with a view to criticism.


There is also an opportunity for developing online strategies  towards education and business relations. I am particularly looking for assistance here. and may include musical recordings and video production.

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