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Cycling from Catalonia to Africa

The image of the colourful sun is in fact a stained glass window commisioned to a black man named Paul. I asked him to make it at the beginning of the millenium towards the construction of a new house here in Catalonia. It remains under wrap awaiting my own home yet to be built for I live in a caravan.


The masonic work is a representation of Dante´s The Thinker and shows the Catalonian landscape behind with its red soil, white cloudy mountains, blue sky and olive tree-surround. The seated man is myself whose vocation here as a farmer goes beyond the elements and into logos. Hence I am a poet and an author too. The name of the website is an indication of this: Sol-ter-(r)io-logic Garden. It is through the power of the sun, the earth, and the water to give life, and through the logic to give meaning.


The association extends to the Philosopher´s Stone and the ancient alchemical desire to turn lead into gold due to their similar properties. Hence the piece is lined in lead representing knowledge attained through direct contact with the sun. The rock upon which I sit is the biblical rock.


I will be carrying my guitar and some oil as gifts, for in the images I show that I am bringing something of myself to the African landscape. Symbolically I am planting my ´light´ through the medium of knowledge and wish an indigenous exchange of sorts between our realities. The animals signify our common heritage.

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