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In 2012 Merlyn Peter went on a solo journey to the Middle East on a bicycle carrying seeds from the botanical gardens of Barcelona. Sleeping in a hammock through 14 nations and with very little funds and sponsorship from his native home in London, he departed his farmstead in Catalonia near L'Ametlla de Mar to go on a fantastic eight thousand kilometre journey all the way to Syria. Exchanging botanical seeds in a number of institutions and being welcomed for his spiritual disposition by Christians and Muslims alike he has since continued the second leg from Catalonia to West Africa. Either side of these journeys he has made shorter trips to the religious centres of Iona in Scotland and Santiago de Compostela in Spain. He has since ventured to the Baltic Sea in Poland on a fold-up bicycle and has rode from South England to the Orkneys in Scotland on a tandem raising money for a number of charities. 

El Camino de Santiago2.jpg

Click on the image to see the available FB blogsite and discover the story of all this journey and others serialised in instalments and available to website members. The journal entitled Destination God welcomes contributions but also includes Petriarchy: The Law of the Land, a permaculture treatise on the metaphysical reality of living in the landscape, along with other publications including the book inspired by Merlyn's life in Catalonia, The Carob Pod: An Anthropological Guide to Permaculture. He has also serialised the 3rd Volume in this series, The Golden Mean: Building Revolutions and has now completed the 5th Volume, In Persuance of God: Spiritual Anarchism as the Way of Life

Solteriologic Garden is the sister branch of South London Permaculture. Formerly SLP's website, it then focused upon activities in London and the permaculture work it used to encompass. It has now gone international on a number of different fronts to represent the personality and experience of the founder. Not least it publishes its literary and academic research. Secondly, it will focus upon developing market relations and with this in mind setting up volunteer opportunities to work abroad. Solteriologic Garden should be considered the main spiritual arm of South London Permaculture but not without natural crossovers. SLP seeks to continually redefine itself and welcomes new faces and influences.

Merlyn Peter is the founder and developer of both South London Pemaculture and Solteriologic Garden. He is also the instigator and founder of a number of other projects including YellowBooks Productions, a self-publishing literary branch of SLP, and Permagarden, a London-based horticultural and landscaping self-employed business. During much of the year his vocation takes him to Catalonia where he is developing the international potential of a spiritual and ecological center. His home, Algarrobí, is named after the carob fields in which he intends to build his ecohome and temple. At the moment he is constructing the cistern that will contain the agricultural water necessary for the production of a food forest as well as a food tunnel.

Merlyn Peter is an incredibly dynamic individual who makes time as and when the passion takes him. The author of a number of self-published books and articles he categorically states that from all his ventures he makes no savings whatsoever, considers himself a anarchist, a self-accomplished singer/songwriter, an athletic disposition, a mentor and guide towards spiritual and ecological awareness, and a man who likes to play games and will give everything a go. His religious disposition provides for a celibate lifestyle although he confesses to wanting to marry an equally spiritual woman of any religious disposition and have children. He does not practice any mainstream religion but is especially keen on indigenous forms of it.

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