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A Permaculture Project in Catalonia

A message from South London Permaculture

My family owns a 3 hectare finca a little inland from the sea in the area of L’Ametlla de Mar. These olives are grown among almond and carob in particular, and many natural herbs that colonize the arid landscape. We use no chemicals but simple mechanical means. I personally work on every tree on the land and have introduced indigenous methods of cultivation, including pruning and cropping at the same time. Both my family and volunteers hand-pick every olive as we are adverse to the effects of power machinery on the trees. The oil is a blend of at least 4 types of olive, in particular the Arbequina, the Morrut, the Farga, and the Sevillenca within the Baix Ebre-Montsiá region of Catalonia. These olives are traditonally cold-pressed meaning that water of no more than 27 degrees centigrade is sometimes added to aid the pressing and,  being the first extraction, require a few days to settle into clear, green-golden oil with a fruity, sometimes pepperish, flavour. Variations in colour, taste and viscosity occur due to season. Greener oil is generally less acidic and more aromatic whilst golden is a smoother oil.


Of the two thousand known varieties of olives Spain cultivates just a few. The Arbequina olive gets its name from the town of Arbeca in Lleida where it was originally cultivated. The Arbequina olive is small and the trees are usually planted on hilly, inaccessible ground in some of the most stunning scenery in Catalonia. Gastronomically it produces a superior oil preferably consumed raw with salads and vegetables, or used as a dip for tomato-coated bread.


Bottles of olive oil can be purchased from our Market page also at:

Prices vary with location, size and quality. All bottles are labelled such to include acidity level, and date of production. If at any stage future methods of cultivation produce an inferior product,  SLP will describe the product at a lower price. See our market page for a fuller range at

Extra Virgin (see market for lower-grade products)

250ml doriga bottles £5

500ml doriga bottles £8.50

750ml doriga bottles £11.50

1ltr doriga bottles£14

5ltr plastic garrafas £58

Local delivery is free or collect.

All provided doriga bottles are refundable on delivery/collection at 50p & £1.


If you would like to make a donation click the icon below. Click the icon above for the option to buy and donate at our brother site South London Permaculture. All monies will be invested in international work towards ecological and permaculture projects.

 VOLUNTEER in Catalonia and use our service to explore new projects linked to our ethos. Click to register and book at our brother website South London Permaculture. New skills and creative opportunities include dry-stone walling, eco-build, food production, olive and carob picking, sightseeing, walking, cycling and fitness.

As a working partner to South london Permaculture we are developing a new spiritual centre in Catalonia with a view for individuals to learn to live and work from the land. We hope to put in practice the transition towards a new consciousness for sustainable living.

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